"Some say I am dead, some say I haven't got a soul.. That is none of your concern.. You are dead.. And I have come to reap your soul!" - Nika, about her duty.



Nika always walks around in her white tunic and black cape. She has a cat's tail and ears which are, like her hair, white as snow and she mostly wears her cap to cover it. She has a pair of twinblades sheathed attached to her belt and mostly her bow in over her shoulder and staff in hand. She isnt the largest as her 4'6" staff is almost as big as she is. Dont mock her with it if you wanna stay alive, however.

Things she likes..Edit

"Bartender! I'd have one of your best beer, if you please!" - Nika loves a good beer

Nika never says no to a good beer and loves walking in the moonlight. She loves teasingly and softly hurting people and she doesnt grief about death. She is a huge fan of chocolate and a romantic dinner by twilight. Bears are hear favorite animals to be around and she loves being alone most of the time.

..And dislikesEdit

"No.. No.. Not that... Not that thing.. Not the death by tickling.. I beg you"

She hates being tickled and mostly touched at all. Her size isnt something you wanna tease her with if you love your life, Nika got severe temper issues when it is about her length. She dis

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